Bold. Art.’s 13 rising stars add views to Changsha

Changsha China


Bold. Art. Exhibition ChangshaOn Saturday 10 June, the next leg of the Bold. Art. exhibition opened in Changsha also known as “Star City”, the capital of Hunan province and home of the “Window of the World” theme park.Changsha viewThe art pieces of the thirteen emerging artists from Asia Pacific and the Middle East are displayed at the BBG Shopping Plaza, Meixihu, that belongs to Better Life Group, a leading Chinese retail company.BBG Shopping Plaza MeixihuThe city in South Central China on the shores of the Yangtze River certainly sports other charms than just shopping and browsing through an exhibition of contemporary art.ChangshaIt emerges as a new commerce and tourist destination, timidly shedding its tradition robe for a more modern one. At the same time, the city preserves its historic riches, remains authentically Chinese. The theme park is one of the possibility to shed a different light on things and open the mind of the local people to the riches of the world.Window of the World Changsha

Thai art at Bold. Art. ChangshaOur Bold. Art. exhibition is another. For this opening we again invited Mr. C. R. Lin, Director of Crox International, from Taiwan to be our guest of honor and guest speaker. He led the invited guests and media through a conversation on “Diversification and Transboundary”.C. R. Lin of Crox InternationalThis topic tied in nicely with the overall topic of the exhibition of “Multiculturalism”, the challenges of global migrations and the “Window of the World” theme park where one will find over 50 replicas of world famous attractions including The Louvre, Mount Rushmore, and more. Bold. Art. Exhibition ChangshaEach of the Bold. Art. artists interpreted through their own experiences how diversification and blurring the boundaries are revealed in each country. The exhibition shows an astonishing array of approaches.Bold. Art. exhibition Changsha

The exhibitions if free for the public and open until 18 June 2017.

Sources: some photos courtesy of Archdaily, city of Changsha

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