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The first stop of the China Bold. Art. traveling art exhibition was in Xiamen, an island city in the Taiwan Straits. Bold. Art. Xiamen YSB_6482Bold. Art. Xiamen was set up in the SM Lifestyle Center giving high-end consumers a chance to learn about our art program between 30 March and 8 April 2018.Bold. Art. Xiamen MallinChina2017-2Xiamen in the southeastern Fujian province, originally known for its natural beauty, harbor, mild climate, and low pollution, is evolving into a design-focused city. The design interest is as much a past time as a real industry with oil painting companies at their base. Bold. Art. Xiamen gulangyu-island-2871336_640It is also attractive for the fashion industry, especially for designers who are looking for a change of scenery from Shanghai and Beijing and a slower-pathed work environment that unlocks inspirations. Bold. Art. Xiamen IMG_2855Designers such as Shangguan Zhe of Sankuanz and Liu Min of Ms Min who were finalists in the LVMH Prize have already settled in the city that was once coined ‘Gate of China’.Bold. Art. Xiamen YSB_6428At the Bold. Art. Xiamen exhibition opening on 30 March, Lin Cong Ran, a Taiwanese designer who had previously spoken at our Bold. Art. events in different cities in China, talked to about 100 local architects and designers about creativity, design, and the contemporary art scene.Bold. Art. Xiamen YSB_6480The SM Lifestyle Center was the second mall in Xiamen built by Henry Sy, a Filippino-Chinese who was born in Xiamen, with over 200,000-square-meter retail space. As the first lifestyle shopping center in Xiamen, it recently won the China 2017 Golden Mall Awards for its innovative, experimental, and socially relevant activations.  Bold. Art. Xiamen IMG_2857“SM is dedicated to providing a mall lifestyle and fun experience for our customers. Therefore, the events we hold should not only bring perfect shopping experience to our customers, but also creative ideas that make a difference to the society such as green architecture and city planning,” says Allan Brosas, AVP of SM China Operations of Xiamen SM Lifestyle Center.Bold. Art. Xiamen IMG_0551The location was very fitting to present the 13 young and emerging artists and their art pieces in the Bold. Art. program. The contemporary art exhibition resonated very well with the audience of the mall.Bold. Art. Xiamen xiamen-1585095_1280

Source: some photos are courtesy of Investments Corporations

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