Bolivia showroom now open – Kohler descends on Cochabamba

Bolivia Kohler Showroom CHE_1744

There are many reasons to visit Bolivia. The fifth biggest country in South America is landlocked but doesn’t lack natural attractions, nature, biodiversity, and fun.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom bolivia-2965507_640If you are chasing some of the 3,000 species of butterflies and tasting some of the 4,000 kinds of potatoes, don’t miss out on doing some serious sightseeing as well.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CAR_2748Cochabamba is the fourth largest and fourth most populated city in the country surrounded by mountains. The location in the valley affords it a moderate, pleasant climate that dubbed the city ‘City of eternal spring’ and ‘Garden city’.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CHE_1586And right there in the midst of this multicultural city that is also the country’s economically and socially most progressive is the latest Kohler showroom.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CAR_3037On 19 May 2018, Coprodumat’s official deal Kreamac S.R.L. inaugurated its latest store in Cochabamba. Since 2016, we have a strategic collaboration with Coprodumat to bring our products to consumers in Bolivia. Their official dealer Kreamac is specialized in sanitary wares, bathrooms and kitchen designs and accessories.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CHE_1586On that day, the new showroom certainly redirected many visitors’ attention from the second largest Jesus Christ statue in the world and La Cancha, the largest outdoor market in South America, to the celebration and activities inside the showroom.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CAR_2954A great number of speeches and congratulations were in order in the newly opened space on Antonio Quijarro 1781 Road near Findel Anze Park. The display is a show of latest products, technologies, innovation, and design.  Global designs get inspired in our six design studios around the world and interpreted by our talented designers who then bring the regional and local touch to products and services. Customers are looking for that extra care when they are selecting their future bathrooms and kitchens.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CHE_1184The celebration was underlined with a great culinary selection and good musical choices – not surprising, in a city that is known for its food, culture, and, alas, nightlife.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom CHE_1385 The new showroom is a great addition to the local economy of Cochabamba that is also the country’s industrial hub for cars, cleaning products, cosmetics, chemicals, and cement production.  Bolivia Kohler Showroom bolivia-207674_640If you are in the vicinity or traveling from neighboring Peru, don’t miss the chance to step into the world of high-end products for the bathroom and kitchen space.

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