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For the ninth time, the premier trade show Boutique Design New York 2018 set up shop at the Jacob Javits Convention Center from 10 to 12 November 2018. The fastest growing trade show organized by Boutique Design Magazine and its sponsors, brought more than 8,000 interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, owners, developers, and manufacturers together.

The 750 exhibits on the 135,000 square feet exhibition space were brimming with activities of networking, gathering, browsing of attendees for the latest products and services in the boutique hospitality industry.

Many booths were a combination of several brands and manufacturers for a completer picture of the exhibits. Flooring companies teamed up with furniture brands and lighting designers, etc.

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The growing interest of investors for boutique hotels rather than big brands, and big brand’s interest to establish soft brand boutique hotels is continuing strongly. Not only in key markets like New York City but throughout North America.

The annual Boutique Design New York 2018 offered market players the best and latest in product design for the hospitality industry and a wide range of conference topics. Attendees grabbed the latest news and engaged in the hottest conversations in the market.

Visionaries showcased their take on making good design into great design. The contemporary designs in the furnishing, lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, flooring, carpeting, bath and spa, accessory, and artwork area were in 2018 even bolder and stronger than in previous years.

Trends that we have seen throughout the year, resurfaced at Boutique Design New York 2018 as well. Making a first impression is as important as focusing and integrating local culture for the immersive hospitality experience.

Clients want the best quality but are also conscious of the environment and their well-being. They are not compromising on technology, though, that should be smart and invisible in every hotel room.

Hotel designs show a departure from softer tones in the interiors – these are mostly applied at home with Spiced Honey and Metropolitan. The stronger geometric patterns, strong colors, and bold black outlines as we have recently seen at the Salt Resort in Mauritius for example, are reserved for the hotel space.

Boutique Design New York Salt Resort Mauritius ZETTELER_Camille Walala_SALT of Palmar_Photography by Tekla Evelina Severin_02

Flooring also has a definite come back with intricate to elaborate mosaics, patterned stone or wooden floors and more. Finally, massive light objects are adding accents with prominent contemporary designs.

Boutique Design New York Kallista Win

Design shows like to award prizes for the best of the best. Boutique Design New York 2018 was no different. The award ceremony honored winners in many categories. The one that we loved the best – for obvious reasons – was the ‘Best in Product Awards’. KALLISTA Grid topped the Bath and Spa category with its marvelous 3D printing and exceptional design.

Source: some photos of Boutique Design New York are courtesy of BDNY FB, Tekla Evelina Severin, and Zetteler

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