Brazil, Brazil, Brazil – visit before the football frenzy

Kohler Brazil KOHLER - créditos- Studio Gobbi - Ketchum - Alta-6451


Our top management took the opportunity to visit Sao Paulo and Andradas, Brazil, in May before the whole country goes into the football frenzy to cheer on their and other football teams.  Kohler Brazil rio-de-janeiro-809755_640Apart from business meetings at the office, the program included a tour of the factories located in Andradas. Since the acquisition of the plant four years ago, the production capacity has been doubled and several hundred new jobs were created for skilled workers in the community.  Kohler Brazil _DSC4614 David Kohler shakes handsOver the last year or so, this Kohler’s Operations Center in South America has expanded from 25,000 square meters to 50,000 square meters with no end of growth in sight. The increased production also warranted a new furnace that the team wanted to admire. Currently, the fourth largest market player in Brazil, the local team is striving to improve even this rank in the coming years with increased production for local and international markets.  Kohler Brazil Staff Kohler_0006Andradas is ideally located close to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to bring in raw materials and redistribute the finished products that are awaiting new homes all over the country and in South America.  Kohler Brazil KOHLER - créditos- Studio Gobbi - Ketchum - Alta-6434Some of the products are even shipped to the United States. At this time, the plant is producing predominately Fiori brand but with a growing share of Kohler products. Within the next ten years, it is expected to up the production to a fifty-fifty share.  David Kohler, CEO and President Kohler Company, and Larry Yuen, President K&B Group, met with associates as well as architects and designers to learn more about the market development, situation, and the vast opportunities in Brazil.  Kohler Brazil KOHLER - créditos- Studio Gobbi - Ketchum - Alta-6398To conclude the successful visit, the group stopped at the Signature Store in Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Sila, 663, Sao Paulo, that opened late in 2017. They looked at the latest products and innovation displayed artfully in the store before heading off to the airport.  Kohler Brazil KOHLER - créditos- Studio Gobbi - Ketchum - Alta-6403

Learn more about the team’s stewardship activities in Brazil: Santa Casa de Misericordia de Andradas

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