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If you are not in Cannes, France, or heading there this week, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have an immersive creative experience.  Cannes Lions _3452382909678223360_nThe Cannes Lions, the international festival of creativity, has been recognizing advertising, marketing, and creative talent since 1954. The festival was first launched in Venice to gather advertisers for annual awards and competitions of their best work in TV and PR (mostly).   Cannes Lions _7519316167001899008_nWhile Venice received the Architecture Biennale in 1991, the Cannes Lions took the inspiration of the statue on the San Marco with them to Cannes. The lions trophies are a creative interpretation of this inspiration.  The festival that takes over Cannes from 18 to 22 June 2018 is a worldwide celebration of creative work in the communications industry. It is probably also the best place to meet any creative person with a big name and have a chat this week. Looking at the speaker line up and the delegate list, the whole global creative ecosystem has traveled to Cannes.  Cannes Lions _4153255120651419648_nThe organizers confirmed that 22 of the 25 biggest brands in the world have sent representatives. Not only to receive the highly-acclaimed trophies for the creative work but to be among the 1,000 speakers who give expert seminars on trends, innovation, latest technology, and more.  Cannes Lions _4658850566133252096_nAlthough fewer attendees are expected than in previous years, the 16,000 delegates are representing 4,700 companies from close to one hundred countries. That is an impressive number.  Cannes Lions _5720100366083686400_nOver 32,000 projects and pieces of work have been submitted with everyone hoping to snatch up one of the precious awards. Since the beginning of the digital age, new categories have been added and are being added and reshuffled every year. In addition to traditional advertising, the more than 300 judges now look at experiences, shop interiors, product design and other design, and the whole spectrum of marketing.  Cannes Lions cannes-398764_640So, head over to Cannes, catch a few of the presentations of the design-world thought leaders, sip some wine and watch the sunset at the Mediterranean Riviera.

Source: some photos of Cannes Lions are courtesy of FB Cannes Lions.

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