Russian car wash reimagined

Sometimes an architect is faced with a number of challenges. The team at Gretaproject was up for it and tackled light, space, and perception beautifully at an underground car wash in Moscow, Russia.

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The basement space of an inner-city Moscow building was reimagined as an art object without losing functionality.

The low ceilings and absence of natural lights were obstacles to overcome in bringing customers and their cars to the 1,200 square-meter Black Star car wash space. The architecture team took inspiration from the Wynwood district in Miami, USA, for a transformation of the space.

The Miami neighborhood has the largest number of street art and ranges from figurative to graphic art that inspires designers from around the world. The Moscow car wash is the result of one such inspiration and it is now more inviting, friendly, and ready to compete with the beautiful cars customers bring for a wash and shine.

Using shapes and patterns in the dark graphite designs changed the geometry of the space to make it visually bigger and more generous. The visual expansion is supported by bright calligraphy and the clever light installations. The team used the client’s name Black Star repeatedly in the design to create a memorable setting and to offset the space.

The symbol of the black sun that is used in the washing boxes is contrasted by the x-formed lighting in the entrance. The linear lamps are guiding customers and their cars into the facility and invite them to linger.

The interior of the café is a continuation of the main design adding slight colors for visual effects and warmth. It makes waiting for your car more comfortable and accommodating.

The Black Star car wash in Moscow shows that functional spaces can be designed interestingly with few elements to add an angle to the space and to enhance the given architecture of the rooms.

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Source: photos of the car wash are courtesy of v2com

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