Casa Décor Madrid revisited – meet Manuel Espejo and Virginia Sanchez

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The months have gone by too quickly, it seems. It was just February and the opening of the Casa Decor Madrid was an overwhelming success in the interior design community in Europe. Duped the most important interior design event of the year, Casa Décor Spain attracted a large crowd of architects, interior designers, and creatives types.  Casa Decor Madrid m44s889After the closing in March, it became quieter around the project but the beautiful designs continue to exist. The historic building in the center of Madrid was a great and unique canvas for designers and brands to showcase their talent and latest products.  Casa Decor Madrid m39s598Jacob Delafon worked with two well-known designers Manuel Espejo who is also a brand ambassador and Virginia Sanchez on two bathroom-designs. The brand’s inspiration comes from iconic objects, French designers, and architects in the 1950s as well as the furniture style of that time.  Casa Decor Madrid m30s789Manuel Espejo used the new collection ‘Nouvelle Vague’ with its minimalist curves and pure lines in the well-lit room at Casa Decor Madrid. The use of steel and aluminum gives it a masculine touch without losing the elegance of the space. It was important to him to add in the smart functionalities that especially millennial customers love and embrace.  Casa Decor Madrid m51s036His design was inspired by Paris and elegance – two attributes that are important to Jacob Delafon as a brand. The room is beautifully covered in fabrics and materials that create a warm, soft atmosphere. This is a strong contrast to the pure straight lines of the frame around the shower that Manuel used. The frame is modular and can be adapted to any room size and style.  Casa Decor Madrid m30s870The shiny titanium for the wall and sink Composed faucets add other focal points to the mix, and the freestanding bathtub triggers visitors’ imaginations of a leisurely, relaxing time looking out the window.
In addition, the lacquered sink furniture with a unique finishing looks like it was customized just for Manuel and this particular room. The tone is one of 80 to choose from and gives customers the choice of creating their very own and customized space.  Casa Decor Madrid m14s423Manuel views the sinks on top of the furniture as sort of a sculptural piece. The elegant and flowing form is duplicated in the mirrors on the wall. They match the gentle curves of the ceramic in the reflection and form.  Casa Decor Madrid m40s759Each of them is equipped with sensor lights that are activated by the wave of a hand and also incorporate an anti-steam function to guarantee a constant clear view.  Casa Decor Madrid m42s654Virginia Sanchez approached ‘her’ bathroom from a different angle. When she was designing the space, she thought of Coco Channel who combined simple elements with more sophisticated pieces. This – as we know – always resulted in feminine and chic looks. Virginia chose a variety of products for the bathroom to match this idea.  Casa Decor Madrid m27s430The Cleo freestanding bathtub with its classic lines is elegance pure. To offset and give the room a more dramatic effect, Virginia chose the square sinks with pure lines and a matte black finish and a gold-brushed faucet. The separate toilet stall flips the design back to a lighter, simpler design with the predominant use of white and products that are elegant and feminine.   Casa Decor Madrid m14s794The Casa Decor Madrid was, as every year, an excellent platform for interior architects, interior designers, and decorators to implement their ideas and showcase latest trends in the market. The two bathrooms with Jacob Delafon products were no exception and stand to be the bar for design standards in the sanitary field.

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