Casa Décor Trends 2019: top European interior design trends

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Finally, the wait is over. Well, if you have been in Spain or Madrid the last few days, maybe you didn’t have to wait and already visited the newest edition of the decorator house. We are excited to bring the Casa Décor Trends 2019 to you by going on a virtual tour through this amazing 20th- century building in Nunez de Balboa 86 in Madrid.

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For 47 days, until March 10, 2019, the 2,250 square-meter interior design heaven including the inner almost 100 square-meter courtyard showcases the best and latest in Spanish and European interiors trends. Each floor of the building is around 330 square meters and offers amazing spaces that this year’s designers used to display the Casa Décor Trends 2019.

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It’s quite a challenge to begin, so let’s start from the ground:

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Floors: a wide variety of floors, floors coverings predominantly without carpets stand out this year. Woods, stone, mosaics, varying patterns within the same room are delineating the different spaces within a certain area. Mosaic-type stone inlays make a comeback.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 09-aseos-uso-publico-miapetra-blanca-hevia-casa-decor-2019-02 (1)

Walls: from murals to saturated hues of monochronic painted walls, to surprising treatments, walls serve not only to shape the room but to help the atmosphere and the space ratio. The occasional wood-covered wall and overlay of woodscreens are not missing to give the space some warmth and a cozy feel.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 23-sala-de-estar-saint-gobain-esne-casa-decor-2019-01

Ceilings: a departure from flat or vaulted ceilings gives way to geometrically sculpted ceilings that act almost as installations and room shapers themselves. It is a surprising element in the room design: forms resembling waves that smooth the edges of a square room and add a feminine touch.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 05-lobby-summum-equipo-summum-casa-decor-2019-01

The outdoor spaces are expertly covered with sunshades that act as decoration as well as functional elements. The wooden screens that are installed at varying angles can be understood as sculptures in the sky.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 55-terraza-greendesign-casa-decor-2019-02

Designs: throughout the house, strong influences of transitional and sustainable designs are shown. The designs integrate future-forward-thinking with the latest technologies and gadgets.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 26-lobby-LZF-La

The use of plants and wood bring the outdoors in and the cleverly designed courtyard with comfy couches brings the indoors out. The former has a playful touch with the innovative use of plants hanging from ceilings and shelves.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 14-salon-maisons-du-monde-casa-decor-19-01

Styles: quiet spaces go hand-in-hand with loud, attention-grabbing rooms, nooks, and corners. At a first glance, the colorful styles are more numerous than the calm, soothing ones. Transitional spaces such as hallways speak of minimalism bordering on minimalist brutalism with harsh, bright lights. Family rooms offer uninhibited views of the latest technologies and products turning it into an experiential space. These almost futuristic spaces are complemented with open fireplaces and dominated by white and black colors that are accentuated by one other strong color e.g. red.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 19-cocina-cocinas-rio-rosa-urbano-casa-decor-2019-01

Some of the bathrooms continue the dark, moody trends that has been seen all through last year.

Casa Decor Trends 2019 41-vestidor-patricia-bustos-casa-decor-2019-03

Other spaces covered in pastels are soft, cozy, with round forms inviting visitors to have a seat and relax for a bit.   

Decoration: artwork, wall decoration, lamps, fixtures, and faucets, and more. Each element in the room becomes a focal point and adds to the uniqueness without overloading the senses. Accents are set with decorative and functional items. Big fish installations, bird sculptures, fluffy chairs, or an artfully sculpted monkey in a birdcage integrate seamlessly with the room designs. Even wooden shelves with extraordinary forms or that are seemingly floating in the room add a new point of view.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 48-jacob-delafont-viteri-lapena-casa-decor-2019-01

Colors: bold, strong colors stand out in the Casa Décor Trends 2019. The use of gold brings out accents and gives balance to the rooms. The gold is teased out with backgrounds of strong, saturated petrols, purples, and dark blues. Or it dominates the space entirely – at the AC Marriott lounge where gold goes tone-in-tone.

Contrasting the design, styles, and decorations, cool greys, whites, Metropolitan, HeartWood underline the other design pieces in the rooms. In bathrooms, these colors serve as neutral canvases for other room elements such as faucets, showers, bathtubs and the occasional mural on the unicolored wall.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 31-aseos-publicos-vatea-estudio casa-decor-19-01

A third color tendency at Casa Décor Trends 2019 is the use of pastel colors creating sweet, pleasing harmonious rooms as they are applied throughout the entire space.  

Casa Décor Trends 2019 24-sala-estar-jung-juan-fuentes-casa-decor-2019-01

Patterns: large checkered and other patterns applied to floors, walls, ceilings, and countertops influence the atmosphere and the understanding of the room dimensions. The varied use of patterns in the same room divide the space for its multiple purposes. The application of patterns combined with colors bring out architectural and geometric forms strongly. In some cases, the patterns themselves work as part of the artwork.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 29-galeria-opazo-interiorismo-casa-decor-2019-01

Materials: similar to the trends seen at Heimtexil and Maison & Objet, wood is the love child of designers this year. As previously mentioned Casa Décor Trends 2019 embrace the use of woods, stones, and glass. The transitional designs are further underscored with plexiglass, acrylic and other transparent materials. The shiny objects are gold, brass, and bronze.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 54-home-bar-impar-grupo-impar-capital-casa-decor-2019-01

Lighting: other than illuminating the rooms, the lighting serves as an additional design element in the Casa Décor Trends 2019. The play and clever installation bring shadows and illuminated surfaces forward in a new, avant-garde style. Some of the lamps even act as artwork e.g. the clouds.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 08-panel-de-expositores-Sacspiteri-casa-decor-2019-01

Heritage: a few touches of the past are not missing, either, at the Casa Décor. Old-school wooden floors, cozy kitchens with a huge dining table, mix and match chairs, and artificially aged walls remind of past riches of the building and its glory.

Casa Décor Trends 2019 50-salon-comedor-ofelia-home-fr…019-01

The brilliant interior design event is a great place for designers to show their talent, art, and craft, as well as to network with industry peers and friends, and to make new connections. For visitors, it is a location where to find the latest and most innovative designs currently on the market.

Source: photos of Casa Décor Trends 2019 are courtesy of Casa Décor.

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