Caster stewardship activities in Myanmar 2019

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The Thai team took a two-day trip to Myanmar for caster stewardship activities in February 2019. The township Danubyu is about an hour-long bus trip outside of Yangon, Myanmar’s economic capital, located near the Irrawaddy River. It is a rural area with clusters of villages.

The caster stewardship program has been set up for a while to help and support families of the BOB casters who are working in the factories in Saraburi, Thailand. Often, they leave their kids behind with their grandparents when they come to work across the border. The villages’ incomes depend on agriculture and farming and also on a portion of the salaries that the casters can send back home to support families and the community.

During the trip, the BOB caster L Win OO, who has been working in the factory for the past four years, gave a presentation in front of about 200 students and villagers about his experience at Kohler, the vision and outlook of Kohler Company, and the caster stewardship engagement and social impact.

Currently, there are no BOB casters from Danubyu village, but the little town and its inhabitants were very eager to learn more about the programs offered and they are considering the opportunity for collaboration and the future local caster stewardship activities.

The Thai team also stopped at Yourtitkong village which is in the same area and visited with BOB caster families. They surveyed the village’s living and economic conditions to determine whether they would qualify and benefit from the Kohler stewardship activities on the ground.

The following day, the group went to Saw-Wa-Pao village where new toilets were inaugurated, and scholarships were awarded to students. In addition, everyone celebrated a donation to the temple and the community.

In the village Yedashe in the Ba Go region, four high-quality toilets and a water tank were built, and a library was sponsored together with cupboards and books to improve the village life. These activities were organized in collaboration with the Yangon Labour Asia Services Co. Ltd. During the ceremony, sports shirts and souvenirs were gifted and the headmaster of the school recognized the team with a certificate.

The annual Myanmar caster stewardship trip is a great way to learn more about the backgrounds and the lives of the BOB casters who work in the Saraburi factories and to see the progress the villages make with the support provided through the caster stewardship programs.

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