340 liters of pure delight – Abrazo

March 10, 2017

Abrazo (Spanish for embrace) the new lithocast free standing bathtub inspired by clay pottery and the curvaceous shape of the nautilus shell. Its unique shape, texture and design will be the focal point in any [Read more…]


Good-bye Designful – Hello Designful

February 24, 2017

Look at us today! We have gone through some transformations. A little here, a little there – almost like a diet or a belly-tug or a really, really relaxing vacation on a beautiful tropical island. [Read more…]


Coming soon: Real Rain shower

January 13, 2017

Imagine raindrops falling, the sprinkle of spring rain, the deluge of summer down pours, and being a kid again who runs barefoot through it all… The Real Rain™ shower panel with 775 different nozzles and [Read more…]

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