Design Forum

Dubai Design Forum Media Partner

October 21, 2016

[fb_button] We are stoked to partner with Sleeper Magazine at our next Design Forum in Dubai. The international hotel design, development and architecture magazine also regularly organizes their own industry-led events e.g. Asia Hotel Design [Read more…]

Design Forum

Dubai Design Forum – Global Nomads on the way

September 20, 2016

[fb_button] In October Mark Bickerstaff is travelling east to meet up with Nasser Tuk, Regional Design Manager for the Middle East and Africa at WATG and Wimberly Interiors, and other interior design professionals at the Dubai [Read more…]


Beijing Design Forum – meet-up in China

September 20, 2016

[fb_button] During the annual Beijing Design Week  (BJDW) co-hosted by the National Ministries and the Municipal Government of Beijing during the mid-autumn festival, Kohler’s Beijing Design Forum opens its doors to designers and architects. The [Read more…]

Design Forum

London Design Forum – the countdown

September 19, 2016

[fb_button] Getting ready for Mark and his co-panelists Katie, Hugo and Josh at the first London Design Forum. Tuesday September 20 in the evening, they will lead us through an interesting discussion on “Design in [Read more…]

Design Forum

London Design Forum – speakers confirmed

September 16, 2016

[fb_button] Only a few days left until the London Design Forum. The speakers and panelists for the first European Design Forum on Tuesday, September 20 starting at 6 pm at 10-11 Clerkenwell Green, in London, are [Read more…]

Design Forum

London Design Forum, Monocle and Mark

September 12, 2016

[fb_button] Get a sneak preview of our Design Forum in London focusing on “Design in Everyday Life” and speaker Mark Bickerstaffe.In the September and October issues of Monocle, our media partner for the Design Forum, [Read more…]

Design Forum

Coming soon: Design Forum London

September 8, 2016

[fb_button] We will hold our first Design Forum in Europe during the London Design Festival that is held between 17-25 September in the city. After great successes in China and Singapore, we are taking this [Read more…]

Design Forum

Design Forum Singapore explores sustainability

March 10, 2016

[fb_button] Kohler Co. in partnership with Sleeper Magazine hosted its first Design Forum in Singapore as part of the Singapore Design Week 2016 calendar. Based on the theme of ‘Delivering Sustainability as Standard’, the Design [Read more…]

Design Forum

Introducing the Kohler Design Forum in Singapore

March 2, 2016

[fb_button] Following the KOHLER Design Forum series’ success in China, Kohler Co. is partnering with leading international hotel design magazine Sleeper to bring the Forum to Singapore. The event is hosted by Sleeper Magazine Editor-at-Large [Read more…]

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