Bhutan Dochula_Pass_detail

Excursion into Bhutanese architecture

August 23, 2019

The South Asia landlocked kingdom of Bhutan is a happy place. It is also one of the least developed nations in the region and still shows a lot of traditional architecture influenced by Tibetan culture [Read more…]

Coworking in China 50002-preview_low_3593-2_50002_sc_v2com

A young discipline: Chinese coworking

August 12, 2019

SOHO, a real estate company, has opened more than 30 coworking spaces in China in the last four years. The coworking pioneer dove into this adventure in August 2014 after having surveyed over 30 internet [Read more…]

Single-family home Paris 2019 49818-preview_low_3894-1_49818_sc_v2com

Completely transformed single-family house in Paris

June 24, 2019

A single-family house in Paris’ 10th district became unliveable when house fungus attacked the interior wooden structure. In a total refurbishment, this 120 square-meter single-family house was transformed through humanity and creativity to become a [Read more…]

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