Dark Chocolate Brandy

Our Chocolate Brandy goes international

September 25, 2017

Recently, at the Kohler Experience Center opening in New Delhi, India, and at the Kohler Design Escape in Bangkok, Thailand, we had crafty barmen whip up the latest cocktails with Dark Chocolate Brandy. In October 2016, [Read more…]

Sushi nori

Design in everything we do – Sushi Nori

September 18, 2017

After the tsunami in March 2011, Umino, a traditional and original seaweed (nori) manufacturer in North Eastern Japan was looking to rebuild their business. Sushi Nori was invented in the 15th century and since then [Read more…]

bath toy

14 June is International Bath Day

June 14, 2017

Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, scientist and scholar who lived around 260 BC, loved to take his bath to contemplate his day’s work and letting his thoughts marinate by being submerged in water. On one such [Read more…]

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