Sweet, sweet architecture

January 11, 2017

[fb_button] Dinara Kasko, an Ukrainian pastry chef and former architect and designer, approaches her dessert creations as if they were architectural designs. She experiments with materials, textures, forms, volumes, proportions – all edible, of course!After [Read more…]


Toilet paper roll art

December 7, 2016

[fb_button] Get inspired by  Anastassia Elias who creates these incredible miniature art pieces out of toilet paper rolls. Here is her technique in her own words: “I cut the small paper shapes that I stick [Read more…]


Trending minimalism – the less

November 11, 2016

[fb_button] At the London Design Forum our speakers and panelists discussed the emerging trend of minimalism that is clearly apparent in Scandinavian design, but it is also a response to the multi-functionality of mobile phones. With [Read more…]


Responding to SNL – we are cool

November 8, 2016

[fb_button] The Koohl Toilet coming soon – the cool President and CEO is here already! Here is the real deal – Sans Souci toilet in black.

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