ArtsIndustry Resident - Edra Soto (Pottery 2017)6
Kohler Arts

Edra Soto turns park garbage into museum art

August 21, 2019

Chicago-based contemporary, conceptual, multidisciplinary artist Edra Soto grew up in a Catholic environment in Puerto Rico. From an early age, she learned that she should pick up after herself and not discard things carelessly when [Read more…]

tomas Vu 11 Kohler factory
Kohler Arts

Tomas Vu’s surboards and skulls

July 31, 2018

During his Arts/Industry residency at Kohler, Wisconsin, artist and art professor Tomas Vu dove back into a lifelong biographical project. He grew up in Da Nang – South China Beach in Vietnam – during the [Read more…]

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