Celebrating 20 years in Peru and partnering with Rivelsa

Kohler Peru 20th Anniversary party

On 28 September 2017, we opened the doors at the Casa Prado in Lima for our guests to join us in a unique celebration in the land of the Amazon rainforests and Machu Picchu.Kohler Peru 20th anniversary party
Whether it was the rich cultural history or the thriving economy, the South American country had a particular fascination for us. We arrived in Peru 20 years ago. It was our first market entry in South America and set our footprint.Kohler Peru 20th anniversary location
Kohler Peru 20th anniversary Rivelsa familyIn Peru that is surrounded by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile, we found a wonderful distribution partner in Rivelsa. For the past 20 years, we have collaborated in the market and marked out successes together.
It was even more touching that we could celebrate our anniversary with the Rivelsa family in a building that speaks of ancient cultures and prosperous futures.Kohler Peru 20th Anniversary performance
In this multiethnic environment, we partied the night away with great music, fabulous performances and speeches, scrumptious world acclaimed Peruvian finger food and wine. But best of all, friends and business partners met, chatted and had a good time.Kohler Peru 20th anniversary food
Additionally, the new theme rooms such as Music Room and Infinity Room could be explored by the guests. Our attempts to capture and captivate the senses with the rhythm and sound and to create the timeless illusion of mirroring perfection infinitely resonated strongly with our audience.Kohler Peru 20th anniversary infinity room
Some of the products shown in these rooms are Moxie, Artist Editions, Composed bath filler Titanium, Via, Odeon, and Sunward.Kohler Peru 20th anniversary entrance
But not enough. For some, visiting the Music Room was not enough. So, we ran a contest in collaboration with the architectural and design magazine Casa y Mas for a lucky winner to take a Moxie showerhead home.

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