No kicking back at CES 2019 Las Vegas

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The world’s biggest consumer technology show CES 2019 Las Vegas officially opened at the Las Vegas’ World Trade Center on January 8, 2019. Innovations and technology news presented already a day ahead of the opening were overwhelming and the expected 180,000 attendees will have a hard time to pick their favorite.

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Between computer technologies, hardware, TV screens, phones, manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, digital imaging and photography, security themes, privacy concerns, advances in fitness, sport and biotech, gaming, and smart home, smart city developments, it is a vast field to cover.

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The keenly-awaited foldable phone is here. As expected Samsung shows a prototype of Galaxy F that pre-launched late in 2018 and Chinese start-up Royole presents Flexpai, a phone turn into tablet all in one, that is ready for pre-order for developers.

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A huge focus of the trade show is on smart homes. The home is the place of ultimate self-expression and hence the location where inhabitants seek to create their most personal space. The trend for integrated apps and voice-controlled devices is unstoppable.

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Innovations range from BreadBot, a bread-baking robot from Wilkinson Baking Company, or first takes on 8K televisions screens from technology giants LG and Samsung, high-performance audio and video, to other robot helpers, and anything smart in the home.

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Large to small companies, and it seems everyone in between, are striving to fulfill the consumer need to create a more functional, more efficient, and ultimately more comfortable home.


Our latest products at CES 2019 Las Vegas address the rapid change in the domestic domain. Apart from the smart bathroom products Numi 2.0, Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, Veil Lighted Collection, the Sensate kitchen faucet is making waves in the industry.


As one of the Best of Innovation awardees in the CES 2019 Innovations Awards, it is a great example of design and engineering that will facilitate consumers’ lives in the kitchen.


The trends and innovations go way beyond the home. Smart city solutions are very much in the minds of the technology experts as well. Car companies Audi, BMW and others are presenting self-driving and other mobility concepts. Bosch, a home appliance giant, proposes to test a driverless electric shuttle.

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The CES 2019 Las Vegas is taking place from January 8 to 12, 2019. And there are literally thousands of things to discover.

Source: photos of CES 2019 Las Vegas are courtesy of CES Innovation Awards,, Wilkinson Baking Company, Royole,, LG, Audi, Bosch, World Trade Center.

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