Chihuly transforms glass into living organisms, New York City

Chihuly Red Reeds

After you stroll through the new Kohler Experience Center in New York City, you are probably ready for a leisurely walk through the park to let the new impressions settle. So, don’t go to the Botanical Garden!Chihuly Saphire StarWe knew it – as soon as we said “don’t” you traveled right over there and now…you are in the middle of 250-acres of greenery and the most mesmerizing glass sculptures by Seattle-based artist Dale Chihuly. His more than 20 sculptures and installations take you on a journey in a magical world of light, color and form.Chihuly SeaformThe exhibition that has been running since April features his artistic process, development and genius. The organic shapes twinkle with the changing sunlight, cast interesting shadows by sundown and reflect the light in thousands of forms after the rain.Chihuly White tower with fioriFor this exhibition that is the first in over a decade in New York City, Chihuly created some work specifically. The installations are placed throughout the garden grounds and are carefully placed to reflect the interplay between the glass and the natural surroundings. At the LuEsther T. Mertz Library’s Art Gallery a selection of Chihuly’s drawings can also be seen.Chihuly Blue HeronsThe sculptures are very inspiring and will fill you up with more creative energy. As you know, we have a deep fascination with glass as well, especially the glass sinks. So, it was a good choice to not follow our advice and visit the New York Botanical Garden. It is a feast for the eyes and senses.Chihuly Blue Polyvitro Crystals

Source: photos are courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden

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