Chilean Mountain Cabin – unfolding the view

Chile mountain cabin 39201-preview_low_3093-1_39201_sc_v2com


Chile’s diverse landscape includes the beautiful and mysterious Andes mountain ranges. They draw tourists and locals alike to their heights to explore and discover. In the small commune of San Esteban, the architects’ team of Gonzalo Iturriaga Architectos from Santiago de Chile built a tiny mountain cabin that fascinates any mountaineer.  Chile mountain cabin 39134-preview_low_3093-1_39134_sc_v2comThe design brief for this 60 square-meter cabin included a bedroom, living and sitting room, kitchen, and a place to store mountaineering equipment – all contained in the folds, angles, and planes of the exterior shape.  Chile mountain cabin 39187-preview_low_3093-1_39187_sc_v2comThe exterior structure also serves as a protective shield of the interior space that plays with the visual appearance of volume. It is spacious enough to sit at the large windows and contemplate the mountain range in the distance and for occupants to want to stay and relax some more before hitting the trek again and climbing to the next mountain range.  Chile mountain cabin 39195-preview_low_3093-1_39195_sc_v2comThe overall design is complemented by a one-lane pool that calms the folded structure of the building and gives the cabin a tranquil, stable appearance set in the mountain slope.  Chile mountain cabin 39190-preview_low_3093-1_39190_sc_v2comThe exterior is finished in pine and metal. The cabin is raised on stilts, hence suspended above the ground. This creates natural ventilation from all sides and frees the view. The façade benefits from the ventilation and the triangle-shaped entrance is protected by the roof’s folds.  Chile mountain cabin 39193-preview_low_3093-1_39193_sc_v2comThe large windows in the sitting area allow for amazing views and at the same time create a transcendence between the exterior and the interior. This element is further enhanced by the use of lots of wood in the interior design.  Chile mountain cabin 39200-preview_low_3093-1_39200_sc_v2comThe IA Architects from Santiago de Chile are always stretching the imagination and explore the boundaries. At the same time, they pay close attention to create harmony between buildings and landscapes.  Chile mountain cabin 39189-preview_low_3093-1_39189_sc_v2com

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Source: photos of Chile mountain cabin are courtesy of v2com.

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