Clarity water filter donation in Vietnam’s preschools

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Following the very successful Run for Clarity 2018 where out associates’ teams around the world accumulated more than 147,000 kilometers within a few short months, the Clarity water filters arrived in Vietnam’s preschools.

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While 9,981 associates in more than 20 countries and 33 locations ran to help raise the awareness of the water crisis in the world, the Clarity water filters from the previous run arrived in rural Vietnam where they are direly needed.

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Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country, has lots of rivers and uneven rainfalls. It is prone to typhoons, storms, floods, and droughts that bring with them either too much or too little water. And a lot of it is not clean or safe for consumption.

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The rapid economic growth adds another dimension to the polluted water. The wastewater from industrial plants and agricultural activities often is untreated returned to the soil and carries increased toxins that can cause water-borne diseases.

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According to some studies, only 39% of the 86 million inhabitants in Vietnam have access to safe water and sanitation. The others do the best they can to stay healthy. Although many rural communities moved from collecting shallow surface water to pumping groundwater up from tube wells, the water quality is still not good.

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With the distribution of the Clarity water filter in Vietnam’s preschools, little children and their teachers get a chance for a clean glass of drinking water daily. One Clarity water filter can produce up to 40 liters of safe water a day.

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The easy-to-handle system is quickly assembled and ready to use. The teachers in Vietnam’s preschools make it a fun activity to fill the filters and then allow the children to pour their cup of water themselves.

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Vietnam’s preschools were not the only ones that benefited from the generous Kohler donation. Clarity water filters were also sent to primary schools in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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