Clarity Water Filters – let’s hear the good news

Yunnan province clarity water filter in use


Yunnan province group water filterIn November 2015 Clarity Water Filters saw the light of day in the United States and since then we have been fortunate to collaborate with our NGO partners Water Mission, World Vision, Rotary International, Shinta Mani Foundation, and Handa Foundation to distribute and donate to more than 11 countries and more than 15,000 households.
Yunnan province clarity water filter donationIn China we went into villages in Lüchun, Yunnan province, where we handed out 247 filters to households totaling 1,191 persons. The response of the villagers was great and they received the filters with joy and curiosity.
Distributing and placing the filters in the villages and houses where there is a need for clean, drinkable water is one thing, but we were also interested to know from the ‘water drinkers’ what they thought about the filters and share their experience.Yunnan province clarity water filter in useWe had asked 80 households that previously used only well water in the Chinese villages to take part in a qualitative survey. The feedback is positive and encouraging.

“… it’s very easy to learn.”

The recipients repeatedly quoted the ‘easy use’ and ‘better health’. About half of the group mentioned that the water tastes better and fresher.

“…the whole family is drinking filtered water; the kids at home are drinking it and we carry it with us when the adults labor in the fields.”

While many were concerned about the cost of the filters, upon learning that the low-tech filters are quite affordable even for a low-income family, the villagers are making plans to buy more filters for the community.

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