Clarity Water Filters – first shipment arrived in the DR

Clarity Water Filters in DR

Dominican RepublicIn the Dominican Republic (DR), Rotary Global and the Good Samaritan Hospital have been working together for almost a decade to improve the water quality and sanitation in rural villages where sugar can is predominantly grown.
Learning about Clarity in the DRRoughly 20% of the ten million island inhabitants lack access to clean water. Through educational programs e.g. hand-washing awareness building and activities to learn about water purification systems the number of people who suffer from water-borne decease has been drastically lowered.DR donation of ClarityBefore 2010 the Good Samaritan Hospital promoted biosand purification filters. However, after the earthquake the municipalities and the plantation owners added chlorine to the water distribution system which damaged the biosand and essentially made the water filters ineffective. DR Clarity donationDoctor Bob Chagrasulis who has been going to the DR for many medical missions that were funded by Rotary realized that a new filtration method was needed to prevent the illnesses.
Dominican RepublicAfter a field trip to the affected areas in DR, Tim White, business development manager for water technologies, and his team designed the Clarity Water Filters with a ceramic core that are unaffected by chlorine, easier to handle and install and cheaper.DR Clarity water filtersWith the generous donation of Rotary a first Clarity Water filter shipment of 75 pieces has arrived in March in La Romana at the Good Samaritan Hospital. Another 1,425 filters are on their way. Following a short instruction course how to handle the filters, the happy villagers of Maragua, Jagua and Cinquita returned home with their own Clarity Water filters to set up in their kitchens.

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