Trend Update : Classicism


And finally, the last bathroom design trend is ‘Classicism’. Luxury rooted in the traditions of exclusivity, rarity, glass and glamour is evolving. Expect to see polished metals and metallics, oily finishes, ebony and crafted leather.

Kohler black and bronze bathroom
Kohler black and bronze bathroom
The enduring black and white bathroom
The enduring black and white bathroom

These trends demonstrate that technology is everywhere and will continue into our bathrooms. The most profound effect of technology – beyond controlling water, light and sound – will be in wellbeing. The bathroom will become the place where we monitor and enhance physical and emotional health. Looking ahead, we expect to see sensors, for example, embedded in products and the environment that will allow us to measure vital health statistics and secure communications will allow us to use the environment as a portal to our chosen healthcare provider.

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