Collapsible Kohler Wine Glass Rack

wine glass rack zac32851_rgb


Following the successful Lift Dish Rack that dries all your dishes, tablewares, glasses and more, the new collapsible wine glass rack is a practical addition to your kitchen glass rack aac06901Only 11 inches tall, it is a great product to have in your kitchen when entertaining. The wine glass rack holds up to six regular-sized wine glasses for drip-drying. The clever system allows the glasses to hang upside down for faster natural drying and better air circulation.

wine glass rack kohler-kitchen-sink-organizers-k-8628-chr-64_1000This method reduces the much-hated water spots and lets the glasses shine more beautifully. In case, the wine glasses are of a more modern nature and don’t have delicate stems, the charcoal-colored pillow pattern of the base will support these stem-less beauties easily. Also, in this case, the airflow is optimal and the glasses will dry in no time and glass rack aac06883[1]Another use for the stainless steel wine glass rack than drying is to use it as a storage tool. The practical accessory easily fits into cabinets where wine glasses or other stemmed glasses can be stored hassle-free.
wine glass rack zac31475_rgbFinally, it might not be used all the time. But no worries, the wine glass rack is easily collapsible and stores comfortably with all your kitchen utensils and accessories. It won’t take up too much of the kitchen storage space and is quickly reassembled when needed.

In the series of kitchen accessories, the collapsible wine glass rack is a real plus. Another kitchen and bathroom helper is the touchless foam soap dispenser.

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