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Color finishes feature India colors


The global personalization trend is precisely met when it comes to color finishes. One loves to personalize a space, room or corner. The PVD color finishes make this easier than ever to express your style. Color Finishes m19s103To lift the quality of your bathroom designs, not only in India but essentially in any market around the world, personal touches in varying colors will do the trick. Using different finishes on faucets is a powerful, sophisticated statement. Color Finishes m20s913Undeniably, India is one of the countries that is richest in colors and textures. It lends itself as a great inspiration for the latest physical vapor deposition (PVD) colors for bathroom faucets. The customized finish system not only has a timeless appeal – regardless of the chosen color – it also has a durable and tough surface. Color Finishes m31s414By making things personal, the look and feel of a room change and enhance the user’s experience.  Combined with the high-quality of a long-lasting finish, this is a guaranteed win-win situation. The durable finish prevents corrosion, rust, and staining, and is easy to clean. Color Finishes m01s139Mark Bickerstaffe, Director of new product development, talked about the latest additions to the range of PVD finishes offering. Color Finishes m44s001

Color Finishes m22s632The new Rose Gold finish with its elegant, slightly feminine tone has been seen on watches and pieces of jewelry in the past. Adding this warmth and brilliance to a bathroom design refines it and lifts it to a new level.
Color Finishes m42s660

Color Finishes m22s240The Brushed Bronze adds warmth and darkness to a room to give it a fuller atmosphere and deeper mood. The color finish is on the transitional side to adapt to feelings and moods. Color Finishes m59s056

Color Finishes m32s775The Brushed Nickel with its soft, matte texture and honeyed hue is a good fit for a contemporary, classical and timeless space. It fits well with a modern, minimalist design.
Color Finishes m56s324

Color Finishes m46s059The successful French Gold outshines almost all others (so far) with opulence and luxury. The hue is, on the one hand, classical and elegant, on the other hand, daring and bold. The later accentuate a modern design beautifully. Color Finishes m54s283Regardless of the basic design, this color finish is a marvelous twist in any situation.


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