Community feeling at San Francisco Design Week 2019

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The annual San Francisco Design Week in June brings together the community of top national and international designers and creative types to live, discuss, contemplate the intersection of art, design, technology, and innovation.

SF Design Week community 2019

The free-spirited Bay Area is a perfect place to address societal and current issues. The biggest design event in San Francisco, the birthplace of the future, with 350 events entertains the design and creative industry endlessly.

The city and its surroundings have emerged as an influential design center combining Silicon Valley’s technology innovations with the diversity of design in a close-knit community.

SF Design Week community 2019

The fascinating exhibition of Swiss artist Adrien Rovero in collaboration with PCH ‘Shore’ embraced the week’s theme ‘Community’ perfectly. The space at Pier 27 was filled with 120 blue, inflatable modules that were inspired by seashore protection concrete blocks design from the 1960s by engineer Eric Mowbray Merrifield. The two-sided seats encourage the community to gather and start conversations. At the end of the week, the ‘Shores’ will serve as upcycled tote bags and continue a new life.

Some visitors will use their sitting time in the ‘Shores’ to contemplate Masako Miki’s Mori no Yokai installation (shapeshifters of forests) that is an explosion of color, materials, and form. Masako explored the question of cultural identity and the blurring boundaries of gender fluidity, bi-racialism, and multiculturalism that is openly apparent on the West Coast through sculptures made of wool on foam, wood, and vinyl.

The shapeshifters that are elusive creatures make appearances in Japanese Shintoism and Western culture. The exhibition reminds of the current waves in catching our culture’s inclusiveness, connectedness, community, and empathy.

SF Design Week community 2019

During the opening night on June 20, 2019, top architecture studios and design firms were present to celebrate the San Francisco Design Awards. In 14 categories, 30 winners were selected who represent the creative, digital, and craft-makers’ crème de la crème.

SF Design Week community 2019

While partying and mingling was certainly on guests’ minds, they also had a chance to pick up a brush or a pen and make their own mark at the live mural painting demonstration by Paintzen for the community spirit. The company offered workshops on color trends and creating color mood boards with a digital color visualizer during the week.

These events and activities are just scratching the surface of all that is going on in the Bay Area during San Francisco Design Week. Architects can get their fill with never-before-seen tours in the area and technology fans experience the latest innovations which put SF firmly on the global design map.

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Source: photos are courtesy of v2com and San Francisco Design Week.

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