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The 5th edition of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival opened on 3 May 2018 and will run through 16 May 2018. It is part of a larger festival – namely the Denmark Architecture Festival – that has been running since 2014 and has different venues in Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense as well. In total, they will put on 200 different events around the country.Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx_logoThe festival is a platform for showing architecture in Denmark and abroad that explores both and the relationship between the two of them. The event aims to bring architecture as an overall influence of our lives closer to the audience rather than showing it only as structure, buildings, materials etc..
Copenhagen Architecture Festival Human Shelter 2This year’s theme ‘housing homes’ touches upon the concepts of home, housing, and belonging. The curators explore the meaning of home, being home, and the environment of home from different aspects. These include challenges such as climate change, migration, rising house prices, urbanization, segregation, changing demographics, and how it all affects the everyday life of everyday people.Copenhagen Architecture Festival 01_Maersk-Tower_PANFO121_photo-by-Adam-MoerkThe festival’s sub-themes further show details from various perspectives. ‘Affordable Housing’ in Copenhagen deals with the rising property prices and the increased relocation to the city, also covering student housing and social housing. ‘Parallel cities’ addresses the divergence of social status and means, segregation, and gentrification. ‘Future housing typologies’ showcases the social shift of aging populations, single-person households, and multi-cultural neighborhoods.Copenhagen Architecture Festival copenhagen-3208438_640The audience learns about the new design needs and considerations in keeping abreast of the constant changes. Another theme is ‘home between everyday life and utopia’ where a project that has been experimented with in 1968 gains new attention. Old concepts of co-creativity, sustainability, and collectivity are put into the spotlight of 2018 and are reexamined.Copenhagen Architecture Festival Fra-filmen-Barbicania_vises-på-Louisiana-1In Europe, it is inevitable to speak about the refugee situation: what it means, and how to create a home under these circumstances. ‘Homes without houses’ is the topic to cover refugees, homelessness, and nomads. It describes their challenges, needs, dreams, and desires for a home.Copenhagen Architecture Festival nyhavn-2251299_640Through films, presentations, talks, lectures and more, visitors get a glimpse of different living situations, how they affect the inhabitants, shape the surrounding and the environment. The organizers are probably also curious how this exhibition of different conditions will affect visitors of the festival.
The festival has a great potential to transform attendees once they walk through the ‘home’ entrance.Copenhagen Architecture Festival Human Shelter 1

Source: some photos are courtesy of Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

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