Da Vinci Lighting Collection – marrying history and future

Da Vinci Lighting 43847-preview_low_3412-1_43847_sc_v2com


Geeking out on some incredible lighting design, the Luxury Home & Design Show on 21 to 24 June in Vancouver, Canada, had the right artisans and manufacturers in place. The quaint trade show brings luxury brands, up-and-coming artisans, and practitioners of old crafts together.  Da Vinci Lighting 35924120_Karice Enterprise Ltd. came to a lot of industry attention at NYCxDesign where they snatched up an Honoree awards mention for their lighting project OlaH in 2018. Kohler Company was not doing too badly either: Components, Verdera Voice lighted mirror, and Ombre scored as finalists in Bath, Technology, and Best of NYCxDesign respectively.  Da Vinci Lighting 43855-preview_low_3412-1_43855_sc_v2comKarice Enterprise Ltd., architectural metal artisans, create beautiful, cutting-edge yet simple and efficient lighting products. Founder Maurice Dery who is a trained metalworker, designer and builder took this as a good sign and showcased the latest invention of Karice in Vancouver at the end of June 2018.  Da Vinci Lighting 43860-preview_low_3412-1_43860_sc_v2comThe avant-garde lighting series is named and inspired after Leonardo Da Vinci. The handcrafted lamps combine the latest technology, machine gears, a reflection on times past, and magnifiers to intensify the light source and redirect light to the wall and floor.  Da Vinci Lighting 35834421_Developed, designed, and manufactured in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, the Da Vinci Lighting Collection captures the Renaissance inventor’s spirit, craftsmanship, and handicraft and reinvents it with modern technologies such as energy-efficient LED lights.  Da Vinci Lighting 35834421_The methodology is remarkably similar to Da Vinci’s late 15th-century thinking. The creation of the lights demanded lots of historical research to get it just right, extensive prototyping and fiddling with intricate gears. The result of the hanging and the table lamps are well-balanced aesthetic products that are at the same time incredibly modern and century-old.  Da Vinci Lighting 43859-preview_low_3412-1_43859_sc_v2comDery who is an innovator and machinist designs one-of-a-kind lighting products with a passion that transpires in the living rooms of the customers and change the atmospheres of any space into something mystical, warm, and intriguing.  Da Vinci Lighting 43846-preview_low_3412-1_43846_sc_v2com

Source: photos of Da Vinci Lighting are courtesy of Luxury Home & Design Show FB and v2com.

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