Darling Point properties unite history and innovation

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Sydney and New South Wales have a particularly strong appeal in Australian real estate. Seeking out even more prettiness, the peninsula Darling Point, an eastern suburb, is the winner for historic and contemporary building design and affluent living.

Darling Point 2019

The heritage conservation zone that is fiercely protected by the local community offers new and interesting challenges for architects and designers to reimagine their visions and skills. Alexander & Co. took on a client brief for a Victorian Cottage to alter and add to the existing structure.

The small four-bedroom family home in the residential and exclusive neighborhood that is surrounded by the bays and an ideal place for sailing enthusiasts almost begged for a floor plan that incorporated the contemporary style.

Darling Point 2019

The architects at the same time paid homage to the vernacular traditional grand home chic of earlier times. This meant extensive work on the exterior, a focus on personalization on the interior, and a sensibility to the historical basis.

 Within the space, the relocation of the central staircase, the wall panelings and the application of traditional limestone floors in the kitchen and scullery act as counterpoints to the contemporary, almost abstract interpretation of the upstairs bathroom. This could almost be imagined as a contemporary winter-garden with its steel-framed skylights and timber ceiling paneling.

The lower floors and the garden terrace serve as decompression areas for family-time, common space, and entertainment. Combining the limited footprint of the Darling Point house with the choice of textured, hand constructed and carefully selected materials, the building speaks of its history with a hint of modern innovation.

Darling Point 2019

Although the historic homes are tightly administered by the public domain, the inventive designs and applications of modern materials such as polished plaster, painted tidelines, ceiling lining boards, and wall panelings offer a myriad of options to individualize.

Nestled in the tree-lined streets, close to culinary delights, and well-curated galleries, the Darling Point properties are true gems in the Australian real estate market.

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Source: photos are courtesy of v2com.

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