David Kohler on CNBC: Retail and KEC LAX

David Kohler at KEC BKK 2017

David Kohler, CEO and president of Kohler Company, was on ‘Squawk on the Street’ on CNBC on 6 December 2017 talking about the retail business on- and offline and our latest showroom opening: Kohler Experience Center (KEC LAX).David Kohler at Kohler Design Escape 2017While for us e-commerce is the fastest growing channel in the US and in China it cannot replace the immersive experience with the brand and the products. This is the main reason to build the Kohler Experience Centers and the Signature Stores in the US and worldwide.David Kohler and Larry Yuen at KEC BKKThe size and weight of the products don’t influence the e-commerce trend too much. Customers buy anything from small to very large items online. E-commerce is very strong in the home improvement sector as it can be seen in The Home Depot and Lowes, for example. And it is particularly strong in the plumbing business.David Kohler at Kohler Design Escape 2017David points out, though, that for complicated and complex projects customers want to see, feel, and touch the products before purchasing and have in-depth conversations with experts. It also is important to be able to see a whole bathroom suite to imagine the finished project. The Kohler Experience Centers offer exactly that. After an in-depth one-on-one conversation with the customer service representatives, one can even take a shower.

Kohler CEO: Why we’re building brick-and-mortar experience centers from CNBC.

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