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PIID Kohler boothThe National Design Week 2017 organized by the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) under the motto “Design for Generations” consisted of a series of lectures, workshops and a heritage tour. More than 250 participants from all over the Philippines attended the action-packed event on 25 and 26 May in Makati City.
PIID participantsThrough our sponsor- and partnership with PIID, we met many PIID members and were given the opportunity to let them get up close and personal with our brand.
PIID contestAt the booth we ran a fun contest for the event attendees and had experts on stand-by to answer questions, hand out brochures and information as well as just have a friendly chat with the PIID designers.
PIID conference The morning’s conference agenda included an hour-long talk by Steve Leung, president of the International Federation of Architects/Designers (IFI), on the topic of “Interior Design for Generations”, a lecture from Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair Remmon Barbaza from the Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities, Ateneo de Manila University – Loyola Schools, on “Designing Space for Human Dwelling”, and a short presentation by us about the company, our work, products and services.
PIID Kohler productsIn the afternoon Lun Cheak Tan, Director Design Studio in Shanghai, K&B Asia Pacific, dove into “designing from the past and into the future”. His presentation on bathroom designs informed the audience about the latest innovations, latest products and technologies. Lun presented also some industry trends. The audience asked questions and voiced their needs and requests for the bathroom designs.PIID Kohler productThe second session in the afternoon included an excursion into the past with Eric Ambata who is a designer and artist to explore “Designing with history: source and inspiration”. PIID Kohler boothThis presentation was followed by a presentation of Atelier Almario representatives Ivy and Cynthia where they discussed “evolving styles in Filipino Interior Design”. In a workshop, they guided the guests through the steps to identify styles, trends or fads.PIID Kohler presence

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