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Taiwan TaipeiInteractive design and technology seem to be in an unstoppable race. Every day new developments and innovations topple our world and threaten to confuse us, but at the same time, we love the comfort this new world brings us.
In this year’s Design Forum in Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday 28 August 2017, we will tackle this dichotomy on “Interactive Technology: a glimpse into our future” with our speakers and guests.Kohler Design Forum Taipei key visualIn collaboration with the Chinese Society of Interior Designers (CSID), we are excited to welcome Michael Wang from Marriott Hotels, Otto Ng of LAAB, Hannes Koch from Random International, and Lun Cheak Tan as our speakers to deep-dive into the future of technology and design.

Michael Wang MarriottMichael Wang is the continent head of Global Design Asia Pacific at Marriott and the Ritz Carlton Hotels based in Hong Kong. He manages designs and projects activities for more than 30 brands under the Marriott International umbrella in Asia Pacific. He occupies his time with strategic development and new corporate initiatives and stays abreast of the fast changing environment.

Otto Ng LAABOtto Ng is the co-founder and design director at LAAB, a Hong Kong architecture consultancy. He is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has worked in the US, UK and Italy. The firm’s architects collaborate to create innovations that shift the cultural paradigms. He focuses on smart cities and visionary architecture and how new technologies are shaping the future.

Hannes Koch Random InternationalHannes Koch is the co-founder of Random International and who is the creative director, together with Flo Ortkrass, and interested in cognition and human behavior. The Random International collaborative studio has creative spaces in London and Berlin. The founders Hannes and Flo question aspects of identity and autonomy in the post-digital age.

Lun Cheak TanLun Cheak Tan, our Design Studio director Asia Pacific for Kitchen & Bath based in Shanghai, is a designer and design strategist who explores challenges and innovative break-throughs through the lens of design. Before working for Kohler Company, he worked for an international computer company. He is also the co-founder of a Singaporean collective called ‘Little Thoughts Group’ that focuses on product design.
Xue Xue InstituteIf you are in the neighborhood of the Xue Xue Institute, on Tiding Blvd., in Taipei City, please join us for this afternoon / early evening event where the speakers’ presentations will be followed by an interesting panel discussion and Q&A.

Source: some photos courtesy of Xue Xue Institute and Best Hotels.

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