Design Joburg 2019 impressions

Design Joburg 2019 impressions IMG_4468

The Design Joburg trade show wrapped up at the end of May and we headed to the Kitchen and Bath China show in Shanghai. Finally, we come back to have a look at Design Joburg 2019 impressions.

Design Joburg 2019 impressions

The Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg was vibrantly alive with architects and designers as well as artists to scout out the latest trends in South Africa and the African continent in terms of interior design.

Compared to the previous year, the Rooms on View were a bit less colorful but never the less the African heritage showed through in many small details on wall decorations, ceiling renderings, the use of plants and bird sculptures throughout.

Design Joburg 2019 impressions

Current styles are unicolored walls in warm earthy tones of dark orange, ochre, cream, hues of brown including some darker greens and blues that are soothing and comforting. They are offset with decorations in metal, silver and gold and pale sculptures.

Design Joburg 2019 impressions

The trend of bringing nature into the interior rooms continues with the warm colors and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. Woven products, rattan, and furniture designed with drift wood or old roots accentuate these spaces and make them truly African.

In the man-cave category, the dark patterned walls are enhanced with light installations that backlit the parts of the wall and draw visitors into the space to inspect the bright bar area closer. Masculine art contrast the organic forms of the furniture.

Design Joburg 2019 impressions

Cactus – real or as backsplashes – and wildflowers touch upon the feeling of wilderness and freedom that is so typical to the African continent and bring out strong light concepts. With Michael Anastasiades at the event, lights were a strong focus.

Design Joburg 2019 impressions

Our Design Joburg 2019 impressions didn’t stop at furniture, light, and interior design. The deliciously prepared food was as much a design piece as the decorative elements throughout the show.

The three-day presentation forum was a welcome and well-attended new addition to see designers from around the continent and from far away places. Visitors learned about their design thinking and processes and we are already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Design Joburg 2019 impressions

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Source: some photos are courtesy of Design Joburg.

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