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Design Miami 2018 A

The 17th ArtBasel Miami and the 14th Design Miami 2018 drew to a close on Sunday 9 December 2018. Miami’s transformation into the art mecca lasted five days and attracted more than 83,000 visitors to the newly renovated Miami Beach Convention Center and its surroundings.  Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 15 05 15The premier global art show and the worldwide forum for design are two important events on the design and art calendar for collectors, gallerists, designers, curators, architects, critics, and basically everyone who has an interest in the field.   Design Miami 2018 ABMB18__Misc__General_Impressions__PR_4063 (1)Apart from the 268 galleries that exhibited the latest trends in modern and contemporary art and design, ArtBasel displayed a large-scale performative installation in the Grand Ballroom at the Convention Center.     Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 18 26 26 The Abraham Cruzvillegas ‘Autorreconstruccion: To insist, to insist, to insist…’ was a performance activation that was open to the public for free during the exhibition days.  Design Miami 2018 ABMB18__Misc__The_Kitchen__Abraham_Cruzvillegas__PR_2984The multidisciplinary installation was just one of many projects that played to the overall objective of Design Miami and ArtBasel to broaden the awareness of art and design and make it more accessible to the public.   Design Miami 2018 ABMB18__Misc__The_Kitchen__Abraham_Cruzvillegas__PR_3360-1The 33 galleries at Design Miami 2018 and the 12 Curio presentations came from 12 countries. This year had definitely a focus on the Latin America design scene that is rapidly emerging and opening up to the world to show their creative talents.  Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 13 02 48Other trends were the use of industrial materials, the reinvention of materials, use of vivid colors, and the application of new technologies such as 3D printing and robotics in the creation of the works.   Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 14 46 53Other tendencies that we see everywhere in the world from London to Shanghai and Miami is the fascination of artists and designers with the term ‘playfulness’ and its interpretations and creating whimsical constructs as well as a renewed interest in craftsmanship.   Design Miami 2018 ABMB18__Galleries__Marlborough__PR_7741Modular designs are not only practical and popular at the moment but immensely creative. Finally, viewers want to be drawn into the works – creators produce immersive installations, interactive projects, add options for ‘touch and feel’ and Design Miami was definitely not lacking that.   Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 13 04 10The exhibitions were complemented with premier talks with industry leaders, artists, collectors, and curators. Speakers and listeners participated in deep dives into architecture, art, fashion, and designs.  Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 12 50 15The two premier venues in the Americas – ArtBasel and Design Miami 2018 –  for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and picking up inspiration and one or more art pieces celebrated the creative industry with stellar attendance.   Design Miami 2018 ABMB18__Galleries__Xavier_Hufkens__PR_6305Alongside the two shows, Casacor attracts architecture and interior design lovers until 16 December.   Design Miami 2018 Photo 6-12-2561 BE 16 50 00The next ArtBasel show is taking place in Hong Kong from 29 to 31 March 2019.

Design Miami 2018 ABMB18__Galleries__Esther_Schipper__PR_6070

Source: some photos of ArtBasel and Design Miami 2018 are courtesy of ArtBasel.

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