Design Talk with Julian Treasure on silence

Julian Treasure at the Kohler Design Escape Bangkok 2017

In the last segment of our interview with Julian Treasure at the Siam Kempinski in Bangkok, Thailand, we talked about the relationship between sound and silence. Bangkok Traffic August 2017Julian Treasure, a sound expert, articulated that many people are unconscious of the sound respectively the noise around themselves. They will override the existing sound with louder sounds – our voices, music etc. – and hence, create more sound – respectively bad sound or commonly known as noise.Julian Treasure at the Kohler Design Escape Bangkok 2017And the louder it gets, the noisier it gets and the harder it is to hear and understand each other.
Julian suggests that we become more conscious of the sound and the impact of sound on us, our bodies, our minds. Julian Treasure at Kohler Design Escape Bangkok 2017 promoting silenceHe recommends at least a few minutes of silence every day to recalibrate our ear. This will help to listen afresh and more consciously. Silence is the antidote to the noise that is produced endlessly. It gives a counterbalance to the chatter. It there was no silence, we would not be able to understand each other, music would just be a blur. The silence is a needed gap to make sense of what we hear.Julian Treasure presentation listen to liveInstead of creating more sound, we should consciously try to create more silence.

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