Design Talk with Julian Treasure on filling the space

Julian Treasure at the Kohler Design Escape 2017


Recently we learned about the hard and soft surfaces in a room and how they can influence the way we experience a space. In this short talk, Julian Treasure of the Sound Agency continues to explain that not only surfaces matter, but what we fill the space with.Kohler KitchenIs it going to be a place for conversations, for listening to music or for relaxation?
Depending on its function, purpose, mood, and the ambiance that we want to create for the people in the space, it might be appropriate or not to fill it with music.Julian Treasure at the Kohler Design Escape Bangkok 2017With his team at the Sound Agency, Julian creates soundscapes that are generative textures to design a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. They study aggressive, stressful places like shopping malls or airports and determine how to fill these spaces with appropriate sound. The aim is to design a more calming and pleasing environment. It will be a better experience for all concerned. In terms of shops, it often results in higher sales.

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