Design Trend: Blush Buff Sand – camouflage to shine?

blush buff sand color

blush buff sand interiorThis subtle color trend features a blend of blush – a slightly rose colored hue, buff – a pale yellow brown and sand – a light, weakly saturated reddish yellow.

blush buff sand tatoo blush buff sand toilet blush buff sand feathers

All three popular hues combined, seen in eggshells, pearl and lace, create a perfect color for your design needs. blush buff sand nailsWhether in a house, for your wedding, your hair, or your nails, blush buff sand is elegant and fresh.blush buff sand hairThe color combination has a long history. Blush was first mentioned in 1590 as a light, medium bright tone and a faint rose gold color. It was often used for theater make-up. Buff appeared in 1686 in the London Gazette describing the beige to tan color of garments worn by soldiers between polished objects and as part of their army uniforms. blush buff sand zebraSand, the color of sand and a deep tone of beige has always been a favored color for camouflaging and creating neutral backgrounds. More than 60 bird and other animal species morphed into this color to blend in perfectly with their environment.

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blush buff sand accessories blush buff sand bathroom blush buff sand accessories

This expert and enthusiastic color gives an earthy appearance reflecting a warm climate and a contemporary look and feel. It reminds of the Native American cultures of the Southwestern United States. The Southwest design is often associated with beaches, relaxing escapes and wellness.

blush buff sand carpet blush buff sand sand blush buff sand ambiance

Blush Buff Sand is a healthy, confident and humanistic hue ideally applied in interiors, fashion and personal appearance for a calming and grounding effect.

blush buff sand interior blush buff sand storage drawer  blush buff sand interior 

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