Design Trend: Machine red


There is a resurgence of the ‘Machine Red’. This trend is a demanding color to boost confidence and positivity. In spirit, we are going back to the 60 and 70 where sports cars, facades, clothing, and style icons were injected with this vibrant inspiration.

This red is strong, straightforward and arouses stronger emotions than any color. It talks of triumph, alertness, speed, and movement and yet it is simple and strong. The same red also evokes romanticism, passion, love, and wild desire.

‘Machine red’ like no other color increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy levels and encourages self-assurance. It’s a warm color that radiates off safety and a bit of savagery.

Bringing a little ‘Machine Red’ into your life by accessorizing your wardrobe, redecorating your room or painting your nails, will make you alert and enthusiastic. And just adds a little bit more fun.



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