Design Trend: Midnight floral – switching things up

midnight floral bathroom wall

You better be quick, because this trend seems to get a lot of ‘sold out’ signs.
midnight floralWhether you are looking for a dramatic, still classic, accented look for wallpaper, wrapping paper, wedding invitations, socks, dresses, hair bands, shower caps or you name it, midnight floral might be your answer at the moment.midnight floralThe large wild multicolored flowers set on deep dark saturated backgrounds of black, velvet blue or burgundy make dramatic statements. midnight floral toiletMidnight floral is elegant, seductive and sweet with a hint of vintage and moodiness to make the vibrant colors of the flowers pop.

midnight floral teaset midnight floral woman midnight floral fruit and flowers

The classic floral patterns don’t stray too far from the traditional realm, but set on the sumptuous dark colors they create the perfect contrast of day and night with an edgy twist.

midnight floral bedroom midnight floral lavatory midnight floral kitchen

Midnight floral conjures up an intricate, but bold atmosphere in rooms and spaces or on dresses. The hauntingly beautiful and unique midnight garden is currently the love child of many designers in North America and Europe.

midnight floral wall midnight floral flowers midnight floral lavatory

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