Design Trend: Noir – crime, wine or just black?

Black skull on books

Undeniably ‘noir’ has been around a long time, but 2017 saw the mysterious, dark, gritty black color rear its head more than in previous years.Black owl in the dark
The French word for ‘black’ is just ‘noir’. However, immediately it conjures up associations with crime, wine or gambling.

Black handbag and accessoires Black armchair in front of black background Black chandelier from ceiling

Movie aficionados love the 21st century’s late 20s to late 40s shadowy crime fiction genre. Wine connoisseurs see the imaginary dark red color of an aged ‘Pinot noir’ wine before their eyes and have its smell already in their noses. Gamblers recognize ‘noir’ quickly as one of the colors at the roulette table. Their fingers are twitching to get ready for a next round.

black toilet Black bar stools Black bathroom grooming cabinet

Maybe designers and architects all over the world fall into these categories. But more likely everyone is just in love with the overarching trend of ‘noir’. Whether it is a combination of Black & Bronze, Black Plum, Cobalt & Black, the stripe hype or whatever else can be imagined, the color black, although all absorbing all other colors and lacking hue, is omnipresent.

Black lavatory with gold faucet Black bust in front of black wall Black towel in front of black background

Christian Dior, the French fashion designer, described the many uses of this elegant, flattering color extensively and concluded: “I could write a book about black.”

Black cup on dark wooden table Black cat Black high heel shoe
Woman in a black dress Black candle lights on black background Man in a black tuxedo

The color is at home in bathrooms, kitchens and lately more so also in public spaces everywhere. For example, KEC India, KEC Bangkok, Kitchen showroom Bangna, designs at Design Joburg, in designer talks at KBIS17 in the US, bathrooms in Australia.

KEC Bangkok

To be bold is black, to be luxurious is black, to be stylish is black. To be sophisticated, serious, professional, formal is black. Black plates and spoonAnd yet, it’s warm, deep, emotional, and fascinating. It is the perfect contrast to other colors.Black toilet open

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