Design Trend: Stripes, stripes, stripes – an eye-popping trend?

Stripe leggings

Striped bathroomIrrespective of the season, stripes are always in fashion. This trend is incredibly flexible without losing its simplicity. The stripes whether thin, thick, black and white, monochrome or multicolored are patterns that can be relied on.

striped wooden floor striped stair case stripe pattern

The simple design reminds of the ocean and the seafront and produces a glowing warmth within us. In 1917, Coco Chanel was so taken by the stripes that she created a whole collection. colorful striped wallpaperThe trend is timeless and pops up all over the world as a classical chic approach. Horizontal or vertical the stripes create illusions and remain striking, unconventional and full of energy.

striped sweater striped living room zebra

Rajdeep Ranawat, fashion designer, says: “Stripes are the simplest form for creating geometry in clothing, and especially when someone wants to deviate from ornate or floral prints or patterns in their ensembles.”striped dress in front of striped wallpaperUsed in fashion and interior design the stripes are an expression of boldness and unconventionality.striped wallpaper

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