Design Week Mexico 2017 – design prevails and thrives

Mexico Design Week 2017 face


After the devastating earthquakes in September 2017, Mexico City didn’t miss a beat and put up a great Design Week Mexico from 11 to 15 October 2017. Mexico Design Week LogoMexico as a design destination (and other) is complex, intriguing, very contrasted between historic styles and modern architecture, ancient cultures and pop fashion – it is definitely a place on the design map. And now even more.Mexico Design Week 2017 wooden patternThe 9th edition of the Design Week Mexico attracted architects, designers, and artists from Latin America and around the world. This year’s guest country was Switzerland that has a reputation for remarkable design culture and vision and the exhibits did not disappoint.Mexico Design Week 2017 graphics 'amor'And neither did Mexico. The hyper-connected city oozes good design as an integral part of city planning. Especially now, that the city is still rebuilding, reconstructing and redesigning after the latest earthquake.Mexico Design Week 2017 neon sign 'love is in mexico'The creative community does not miss a beat. Mexico City has just been named World Design Capital® for 2018 and it is the first city in the Americas to receive this title. Mexico Design Week 2017 World Design Capital 2018 logo and personPrevious cities since 2008 when the organization was formed were Torino (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Helsinki (Finland), Cape Town (South Africa), and Taipei (Taiwan, China). The non-profit organization World Design Organization stands for design that improves the quality of life.Mexico Design Week 2017 wooden designA year-long program will showcase Mexico’s and Latin America’s design in a cultural, social, and environmental context. This is especially challenging as it is expected that 80% of the population in South America will live in cities by 2020. Mexico Design Week 2017 painted skullIt is important that these cities reinvent themselves, become more liveable and resilient. From a design perspective, there is a huge potential for urban growth and economic development.World Design Capital 2018 Mexico City sign ' today i'm feeling international'The overall theme of 2018 World Design Capital® is Socially Responsible Design that addressed six themes: habitat, transportation, citizens’ identities, environment, public spaces, and the creative economy.
Quite an exciting journey to embark on.

Source: photos are courtesy of Mexico Design Week Instagram and Tumblr

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