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Over 2,400 architects and designers participate in the 10th edition of the Design Week Mexico from 10 to 14 October 2018 in Mexico City.  Design Week Mexico dwm10-01With 20 main events and over 100 other creative and design activities, the design week is the closing event of World Design Capital (WDC) 2018. Mexico City had been named as the first destination in North America for WDC. It is the sixth city that received the title worldwide and the first megacity.  Design Week Mexico street-2858412_640The title is a recognition of design communities’ passion and enthusiasm for design and the creative industry and an acknowledgment of the incessant work that is being done in the fields of innovation, low-income transformation, health, urbanization.  Design Week Mexico 05-MAY-Museo CDMX 2The expression through creative production, innovation, and stellar design is widely reflected at the Design Week Mexico. Exhibitions, installations, talks, pop-up venues, take-overs, design, and art are keeping the city and the participants busy, engaged, and excited to build a more livable city through the creative disciplines.  Design Week Mexico 03-MAR-Espacio CDMX 1WDC’s main mission is to create a platform to bring creative minds and makers together to better collaborate, build international networks, and showcase best practices. The Design Week Mexico adds a local component and brings it all together.  2016-Ceremonia de Firma- Museo CDMX 1The new initiative Mexico Territorio Creativo under the name ArchDays CDMX promotes innovation and experience. It addresses Mexican architects and serves to develop the creative community under the aspect of Good Design.   Design Week Mexico 03-MAR-Espacio CDMX 2The many events during Design Week Mexico are all excellent, however, a few really stand out. Vision y Tradicion at the National Museum of Anthropology showcases a cultural dialogue between young national and international designers and 22 local artisans from 11 communities. The results are pieces and products produced and crafted traditionally incorporating contemporary design and touches.  Design Week Mexico 06-JUN-Vivo y Trabajo 1The 5th edition of Inedito at the Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum is an excellent exhibition of Mexican talent and craftsmanship and a series of workshops. Proposals from 76 studios were submitted for the chance to win the Grand Prize or one of eight honorary mentions awarded by an international jury.  Design Week Mexico city-2189957_640The winner’s concept will be further developed and produced. In addition, the best proposal and the eight runner-ups will go on to be displayed at CDMX Arquitectura y Diseno until October. While at the museum, taking a peek at the outstanding sculptural installations in the garden a definite delight.  Design Week Mexico library-786758_640The Design House, as in previous years, unites architecture, interior design, and design under one roof. This year’s building is a collaboration of over 100 design firms. Since 2009, the Design House is each year in a different location. This year it is at Monte Libano 930, Lomas de Chapultepec, and will be open from 12 to 28 October 2018. More information will follow as we are one of the participants in the project.  Design Week Mexico soumaya-museum-3703247_640Many more events and celebrations are going on during the Design Week Mexico. It is a wonderful time for the creative community in Latin America and the world to come together and work on a renewed identity, intensify social, economic, and cultural development through design. Stay tuned for more news from Mexico.  Design Week Mexico 03-MAR-BellasArtes2

Source: some photos are courtesy of Design Week Mexico.

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