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DesignMarch Iceland Plús Eilífð

Iceland, the home of the Northern Lights and mysterious glaciers and volcanoes, is for the 11th time the host of the DesignMarch from March 28-31, 2019. The design festival is the biggest in the world – per capita – which makes it not so big in absolute numbers as Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe.

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However, the quality of well-organized DesignMarch attracts local and international designers, architects, artists, and creative types who want to grab the latest trends and news in the design scene every year. They benefit from the fascinating, unique nature, climate, and landscape on Europe’s second largest island.

DesignMarch Iceland Hildur Yeoman

More than 100 design and art events and exhibitions center on architecture, furniture, product design, food, fashion, and the environment. The DesignTalks that run concurrently with the DesignMarch trade exhibition feature national and local speakers talking about climate change, political turmoil, man-made disasters and all things design.

DesignMarch Iceland Now Nordic

Among the presenters are Snohetta’s senior architect Kristian Edwards whose firm designed Europe’s first underwater restaurant in Norway, contemporary fashion and lifestyle specialist Philip Fiammano who is also the co-founder of Talking Textiles, the design duo Lara Lesmes and Fredrick Hellberg of Space Popular and British sustainable fashion icon Katharine Hamnett.


For centuries, volcanic Iceland and its capital Reykjavik pulled creative thinkers and makers into its lure. The music, film, and literature industry marvels at the Nordic talents coming off the serene, calm island in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean.

Iceland houses

The vast landscape that is almost tree-less inspires artists and designers to create large-scale projects that are often self-organized.  

DesignMarch Iceland Formex nova

The creative, bustling energy on the sandy, mountainous island is so strong that each year more creators are drawn to the festival, the trade show, and the place itself to let their artistic juices flow and help form the latest design trends.

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