Dwell on Design, Los Angeles – Impressions of innovative design

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Dwell on Design, the biggest design fair on the US West Coast, welcomed visitors to the exhibition and conference during 5 to 7 April 2018 in Los Angeles, USA, home of our second Experience Center in the United States. Dwell on Design 41649461541_cdc3edfb74_zThe conference program included Jonathan Adler, Karim Rashid, Paula Wallace, Janet Echelman, Seph Lawless, and over thirty other speakers. Their presentations and talks ranged from commercial design to photography, education, and historic preservation.Dwell on Design 39842126060_e5af32bcd6_zAt the show, a pre-fabricated home drew the attention of the public to the fact that there are more and more connected housewares. These demonstrate the intersection between food and technology and give a glimpse of the near future when the Internet of Things is completely integrated into the daily life. Dwell on Design 39842404380_db9399062f_zEmber, Noon Home, and Audition shared their insights and thoughts about these technologies and products and for a second the audience could believe that they were back at CES where everything was connected and interlinked.Dwell on Design 39842279610_cb8860df6f_zThe highlight of Dwell’s design fair was the self-guided Home Tours that attracted quite a crowd as it was the case in previous years as well. The open houses shown were on the West and East side of the city where some of LA’s best architecture could be seen. Dwell on Design 40757871965_c1f082c3f1_zDesigns were by AB Design Studio, Hsu McCullough, and Guy Painchaud. Before design enthusiasts went on the tour, actually before the opening of the fair, they had a chance to meet some of the architects at the Pacific Design Center and listen to them talk about the projects and the creative journeys.Dwell on Design 40757889235_2d17c9542c_zMethod Homes returned for the sixth time to Dwell Outdoor Pavilion. Their 2-bed, 2-bath pre-fabricated home is LEED certified and interiors were designed by television host and lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell. She is a trendsetter presenting makeover shows and talking about home furnishings.Dwell on Design 40758642105_384e06f0a8_zFinally, the LA Design Trail was another high point of the trade exhibition where shops, showrooms, individual artisan and artist studios in and around Melrose Ave, La Cienega Boulevard, downtown LA, and East LA opened its doors to the curious shopper.Dwell on Design 40757872615_c6c238e585_zThis year’s Dwell show comprised more than 2,000 innovative products and brands, more than 40 speakers and is known as the trend spotting event on the West Coast. We got some inspiration on all that was going on.Dwell on Design 40758710475_7d44f67734_z

Source: photos are courtesy of Dwell on Design

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