Eko Atlantic City – master-planning a brand-new city

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Kohler Village, formerly Riverside, was one of the first planned communities in the United States. Designed and constructed by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. architectural firm in 1912, the village was methodically planned around the Kohler plant. Today, over one hundred years later, the community is a lively, mixed-use development.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria BUSINESS-DISTRICT-–-EKO-BOULEVARDSo, visions of new, planned, and constructed communities are not new to architects and designers.  Eko Atlantic city beach-2872056_640Lagos, Nigeria, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, is lacking space and real estate and more is direly needed. Eko Atlantic City, a coastal community adjacent to Lagos on Victoria Island is likely going to solve some of the shortage.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria MARINA-DISTRICT-EASTERN-VIEW-2Initially, the Great Wall of Lagos was built to protect Lagos from sea erosion and land depletion. It was constructed to last 1,000 years and is thoroughly tested by the Danish Hydraulic Research Centre. From this mega project rose the idea and the planning of a completely new city on a colossal scale. It should be a showcase for West Africa and the sub-Saharan continent.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria DJI_0253aThe master-planners envision a business district, marina, downtown area with avenues, ocean front apartments, malls, and schools. The 100% privately funded project has started a few years ago and is now taking shape. In 2014, the first street lights were installed and switched on. Since then the construction has come a long way and several buildings have already been completed.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria DJI_0015-2Eko Atlantic City will be the new financial headquarters for Nigeria and its massive economy attracting international businesses and tourism. It will serve as the gateway to emerging markets. As a prime development, Eko Atlantic will incorporate the highest standard of living, best conditions for business and represent African excellence.   Eko Atlantic city Nigeria DJI_0263aThe clean, eco-friendly urban infrastructure includes efficient energy generation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without relying on generators. It is fueled by natural gas and solar panels that are installed on the main water reservoirs. The towers on the 8.5 meter above the sea-level island are on average 35 stories high and will provide more than 10 million square meters of real estate opportunities for businesses and residential.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria IMG_9276-2Azuri Peninsula Towers are just one of these that include high-density, mixed-use facilities to maximize land use. Constructing the buildings is just one part of the master-plan, bringing infrastructure and life to the new neighborhood is another challenge. In a nearby tree nursery, 200,000 trees are being raised to soon be planted on the island to provide greenery.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria FXPR9495aEasy transportation access is planned and schools for up to 1,600 international and local students are being built. The Eko Boulevard is an attractive landscaping project in itself as the two-kilometer-long and 60-meter wide street should become Nigeria’s Champs-Elysees or Fifth Avenue.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria PHASE-3-4-5-6Once completed, Eko Atlantic City will be home to 300,000 residents and 200,000 commuters who will enjoy the largest shopping mall in West Africa, a stunning waterfront promenade, two large marinas, and so much more.  Eko Atlantic city Nigeria MARINA-DISTRICT-EASTERN-VIEW

Source: photos are courtesy of Eko Atlantic City.


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