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eL Seed’s first UK exhibition opened at Lazinc, a gallery housed in a historic building in London’s Mayfair, on January 25, 2019. While the gallery is actively acquiring dynamic estates and undiscovered bodies of work, eL Seed and his work hardly qualify for that.

Locke I_Acrylic on canvas- eL Seed -2018

The calligraffiti artist has been named Global Thinker in 2016 by Foreign Policy for his project ‘Perception’ in Cairo, Egypt. The French-Tunisian artist has been a TED talker and has also exhibited in institutions and museums, and public spaces around the world including Paris, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, and Dubai.

Since 2013 he is based in Dubai which became the most important city for him and his work and cumulated in the commission of one of his artworks at the Dubai Opera in 2018.

El Seed IMG_20180406_173957_291

What is calligraffiti, you may ask. The term is relatively new and comes from the combination of calligraphy, typography, and graffiti. It reminds of abstract expressionism and borders on abstract vandalism (in some cases and views) communicating a wider message to the world.

El Seed The country of the Black - Vidigal Favella - Rio de Janeira - Credit Henrique Madeira

eL Seed’s work is written in powerful, provocative, rich Arabic calligraphy that is sometimes even difficult to decipher for a Native Arabic speaker as it is embedded in the intricate designs. His aesthetic expression integrates letters into compositions that are quotes and messages. For example, he translated Nelson Mandela’s quote: ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ Into his mother tongue and applied the calligraffiti in Cape Town on a rooftop.

Locke II_Acrylic on canvas- eL Seed -2018

The exhibition ‘Tabula Rasa’ that are new works of the artist is an attempt to find and uncover the roots. The works have a slight feel of being unfinished which departs from eL Seed’s usually polished and perfected pieces. The acrylic-on-canvas paintings mark a new beginning and at the same time, they underline his aim to use ‘art to build bridges between people, cultures, and generations.’

eL Seed , Perception, Cairo Egypt. Courtesy the artist

All of his works are powerful and move the beholder in ways that warm the heart and open the mind. eL Seed says about his work that it is ‘an invitation to my culture, to my language, to my art’.

El Seed Kebili_Lostwalls_Tunisia

The solo exhibition runs until March 9, 2019, at Lazinc at 29 Sackville Street where visitors from around the world are welcome to learn more about eL Seed, calligraffiti as an art form and visual composition, hope and peace.

EL Seed 3S7A3020

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Source: EL Seed photos are courtesy of ktwlondon.com

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