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Sabre Industries, a leading technology solutions provider in the travel industry, launched a report through their innovation lab SabreLab on emerging technology trends in 2017. The report is a good guide through the rapidly changing landscape and addresses three technology travel megatrends for 2017 that will impact your life:

  • Connected Intelligence
  • Conversational Interfaces
  • Digital realities

These trends don’t sound like total surprises as we already live with connected intelligence, look for intuitive interfaces and are on the verge of different realities. But, according to SabreLab, there is a lot more coming our way.

Connected intelligence is essentially the internet of things connecting physical objects to the internet, collecting and sharing data. The connectedness improves the everyday life through this automation. The user has more time to focus on other things. The Gartner research firm estimates that 20.8 billion things will be connected by 2020 without counting smart phones and tablets.

Your bathroom will soon see a similar development. The new bathroom app KONNECT that will transform your bathroom experience, will be ready later this year.

The next trend about conversational interfaces is about mimicking conversations through text or voice to increase interconnectedness. More and more when you call a company, you get a voice-enabled assistant such as Siri or Alex to help you with simple requests. The rise of more refined chatbots helps to improve the customer experiences and increases efficiencies in the business cycle.

The newspapers are full of digital realities news. Whether it is virtual, augmented or mixed realities, the technologies are advancing with hyper-speed. On the virtual reality front, we see attempts to fully replace the physical world. The augmented reality provides an extra layer to the physical reality and creates a more informed and seamless experience. The mixed reality is as the name indicates both part augmented reality and the possibility of interaction which is designed for more visceral opportunities and to explore new things. While some of these technologies still take some time to reach the end customer, they are constantly being refined.

Talking to and interacting with machines might seem like virtual reality at the moment, but it is definitely not far away. Let’s revisit these predictions at the end of this year.

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