Expo Revestir, Sao Paulo – patterns and materials as far as we can see

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For the past 16 years, Revestir Sao Paulo has drawn a large interest from the architecture and design community in Brazil and worldwide. This 13-16 March 2018 the trade show for ceramics, tiles, sanitary ware, kitchen and bathrooms, metals, stones, wood, flooring etc. will do even more. Revestir Sao Paulo lapa-2939485_640It will surprise visitors of the show who will travel from near and far to Sao Paulo, the most populous city in the Americas. With more than 250 brands displaying their latest and greatest products and innovations, the trade show attendees will not have a moment of boredom.Revestir Sao Paulo 1455ea4b53On 40,000 square meters in the Transamerica Expo Center will serve for inspiration, trend-setting, knowledge gathering, learning, and networking. Over a four-day period, architects, designers, interior designers and the public will have a chance to participate in lectures, seminars, debates related to architecture and construction.Revestir Sao Paulo 6e85491a04During the two creative days at the Revestir – formerly known as Architecture and Construction Fashion Week – that are also open to the general public, brands showcase exclusive collections and new technologies.Revestir Sao Paulo banner_finalSouth America’s architecture and interior design industry have a unique opportunity to deep dive into ornamental stones, mosaics, granite, marble or any other kind of natural stone. With some of the tallest buildings in Brazil and the third highest concentration of buildings globally (after New York City and Hong Kong), Sao Paulo is a place to learn about construction. The more than 40,000 visitors from over 50 countries can marvel at the vast variety of materials on display.Revestir Sao Paulo 8b75b8fdThey can also learn from international experts during the International Forum of Architecture and Construction that is taking place at the same time with particular focuses for each day: Reseller, Interior Design, and Architecture.Revestir Sao Paulo ibirapuera-park-1195156_640The trade show is interesting for architects, interior designers, dealers, builders, international buyers, and the general public that is interested in anything architecture and construction.Revestir Sao Paulo d4520872c

Source: some photos are courtesy of Casamix, Revestir Pintrest

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